Professional Jacksonville North Carolina Photographer

If you need wedding pictures or are just looking for family photographers in the Jacksonville area I definitely recommend Wynona Benson. She is definitely the best Jacksonville nc photographer. The quality of her photos and the time she takes is definitely the best I have seen. She is very professional with the lighting and scenery she uses.

Here are some examples of her work


Taken in Jacksonville North Carolina

Taken in Jacksonville North Carolina by Wynona Benson

Some tips:
When looking for a photographer in your area be sure to find someone who is affordable

who is willing to meet up with you and help with picture arrangements. Wedding photography, Family Photography and pictures of the kids

and family is definitely the most common and popular


Internet Lifestyle Network: Speed Wealth System a Scam? (Hoax Exposed)

Is Speed Wealth System a Scam? Many people believe that Internet Lifestyle Network is a scam, today I am going to show you the value behind the business and what it has done for me and thousands of others who have shared their success and testimonials

Watch this video

Internet Lifestyle Network Speed Wealth System


FG Xpress Las Vegas Launch – The Biggest Event

This is going to be crazy- the pain relief strips everyone are talking about. FG Xpress is launching in Las Vegas, for the last few months we have been in pre-launch with this amazing opportunity.

If you have been involved any other business opportunities, you know how powerful this launch is going to be, I wanted to share some information with you about these powerful ingredients and how effective

If you want to see the full business presentation or sign up for tickets you can do so here.


I hope to see you all at the Vegas event.

FG Xpress Power Strips Approved By FDA: What are the Ingredients?

I wondered this myself when I started doing some research on pain relief. FG Xpress is composed of some very intriguing, powerful and effective ingredients, here are a list of them:

1. Powerstrips  utilize a water soluble adhesive making daily use easy and comfortable because it is gentle to the skin.

2. Germanium

3. Korean Red Ginseng

4. Proprietary blend of Marine Phytoplankton

5. Ionic Silver

I shot a quick video that breaks down how the powerstrips work, here are the main benefits of FG Xpress Ingredients

Buy FG Xpress Power Strips

Before you think about purchasing FG Xpress Strips let me be sure to give you a few warnings and some of my personal thoughts on the product. If you are new or just looking into the product itself I want to point some clear points out to you.

Here is my FG Xpress Review



Hope to hear your thoughts


Feel free to contact me with any questions.

FG Xpress? Do the Powerstrips really work?

Let me be clear, originally when I was introduced to FG Xpress by a great friend he told me about these “magic” powerstrips that relived pain. I thought to myself- great another product that promises but most likely won’t deliver.

He gave me a sample for free so of course I decided to give it a try due to having some shoulder pain from heavy lifting. I imagined the strips would have similar ingredients to ICY Hot or other Over the Counter medications.

At first the pain subsided briefly,I continued to leave the patch on as directed.

To my surprise next morning I felt great, no more pain- and No Joke…

It worked…

I was sure the night before I went to bed I would wake up with severe pain, instead I found that I felt great..

Here is a short video I shot just to give you an idea:

Review of FgXpress Power Strips

Another thing that gave me some assurance is the fact this product has been approved by the FDA which is a big step. Considering this is a pain relief product with so much competition it has to be good. For the longest time I was using over the counter products like ICY Hot, Bengay, etc..

Here are some real genuine testimonials on the product itself:


This is giving real results better then anything over the counter which tells you that this product is the real deal!

There is an opportunity side with full compensation involved.

The product definitely stands along by itself, and since everyone in their lifetime will have pain either from a sport injury or just naturally this will outgrow everything else out there.

I could show you reviews all day, but I rather prove to you that it works.

If you are considering buying FG Xpress Power strips I can most definitely give you a sample if you are serious.

Feel free to reach me anytime.

Jason Williams & Chris Groves

Say goodbye to pain. Join the Opportunity of a lifetime.