How to Write an Effective Solo Ad Copy

Have you ever used email advertising or tried writing a solo ad? Solo ads are a great way to get targeted leads for any business opportunity or MLM, many people use solo advertising for programs like Empower Network, Wake Up Now, MCA, Clickbank and other affiliate products. That is because Solo Ads are the quickest way to get leads for your business, your cost per lead is a lot lower than PPC or CPA.


To write a good solo ad copy you should build a relationship with your leads first, then follow-up with them with various offers. If you build a relationship with your list it increases their chances greatly of what they will purchase, you can build your entire business off email marketing.


When finding a good traffic source its best to grab Solo Ads that have many buyers on the list. A buyers list has leads that are familiar with internet marketing, affiliate products/promotions. I have been doing solo ads for many years and know the best strategies for making effective ad copies. There are many factors to email traffic


Here is my Aweber:




The most important thing you need when sending traffic is a good lead capture page and sales funnel. Maximize your sales funnel is definitely a science. Once you figure out what people respond to its very easy to scale=up your business and make profits


Here is a video explaining in detail how Solo Ad Traffic Works


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